Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas Eve... A Little Late :)

I realize this post is about events that took place almost a month ago, but between moving, painting, school starting, back up, and a lack of internet, I am just now getting to share!  Anthony and I spent Christmas in Dallas with my family.  My brother (who is almost 30 I must add) decided we needed to start a new Christmas Eve tradition.  What is it, you ask?  Cookie decorating!  We made sugar cookies on our own....(he even insisted we make them from scratch...I was shocked!) and then decorated them together.  Here is our afternoon!

Anthony cutting our cookies.

Homemade frosting too!!

Adding color to our frosting!

Hard at work!

Creating her "Jeni" angel

Our beautiful work!!

Another tradition we have is opening pajamas after we get home from the Christmas Eve service.  The girls all match, the boys, all match, then we take family pictures.  Yes we range from our 20s to our 40s, (and then the parents :) ) but our traditions will live on forever...

Santa came early and left us one package to open that night...

I play the piano once a year, sometime around Christmas, because the only song I still can play is Little Drummer Boy. :)

Jennifer...do you not like my piano skills?

We obviously sing really well :)

Always have to have one of these!

Adorable :)

I have no idea how this came about...

Hope you had a great Christmas Eve too!  Check back soon for Christmas! :)

Love, Sara :)

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