Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas...A Month Late :)

Again, I'm super late in posting these pictures.  I have been painting/unpacking practically every day, so blogging has been the last thing on my mind.  Also, our oven is leaking gas...yikes.  That means I haven't cooked anything in about a month.  Hence no new recipes.  It should be fixed this week, though, so I can get back to real food!! Yay!!

I still wanted to share a peak at our Christmas Day.  After all, it still is my most favorite day/time/month of the ENTIRE year. :)

Santa Came!!

We have to wait at the top of the stairs when we wake up so we can't see what Santa brought.  We used to sit there and scream for Mom and Dad to come so that we could go down....wait we still do...

About to open stockings!

 Anthony got me an owl cookie jar!

And it's winking!

We decided to wear tacky Christmas sweaters...

And have a photo shoot, of course. :)

Thanks Aunt Cheryl for our outfits!!

Up next?  THE SECOND BEST DAY OF THE YEAR!!! (AKA my birthday....) And I promise house pictures are coming soon...like I said, we've been painting, so there are LOTS of changes!

Love, Sara :)

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