Thursday, January 26, 2012

Who Has A New Vacuum? Me! Me! Me!

We have wood/tile throughout the whole downstairs of our new house.  That means I wear my slippers A LOT.  The other day, I couldn't find my pink fuzzy slippers with the really cute pom-poms ANYWHERE.  I seriously had looked everywhere I could think.  During my search, I looked under our bed and this is what I found....

YIKES!!!! We've only lived in our house about 3 weeks, and I sweep practically every day.  It was more effective for me to pick up each piece of dirt by hand than to use the vacuum from our apartment, so I decided I needed a new vacuum...NOW.  

I headed to the store without any research what-so-ever...(so UNLIKE me).  Mom suggested that I go to, which I did, but still only really new about the vacuum she has.  It was a HUGE deal when she got it a couple of years ago, and she talks about that thing as affectionately as another child.  I got to the store and here's what I brought home...

Tah-Dah!!  The same vacuum that mom has!  Now, I really had no choice in the matter because they were pretty picked over in the vacuum department, and I was determined to buy a vacuum RIGHT THEN.  Otherwise this probably would have been one of those experiences where I check out the item online about 7 bazillion times, see it in person about 12, and then decided I should buy it.  Nope.  This time was different.  And I had ZERO buyers remorse.  It was great!


 I had to do the whole self-timer thing, so it's not my best picture, but it works!  And, yes, we currently have a washer/dryer in our dining room...don't ask. :)
I only vacuumed about 3 rooms, but this is what I ended up with...YUCK!  And remember that part where I said I sweep everyday?  Yes, this definitely was a fab purchase.  I can't wait to vacuum again!! ...Wow, never though I'd say that!

Love, Sara :)


  1. we have the same vacuum!!! I got mine with some wedding money, and yes- it was our third child. (right after our dogs, margy and lily- pre wedlock. ha!) she's still going strong!

  2. NO WAY!! We bought the SAME exact vaccuum, too!!! About one month ago - it's incredible! Great for dog hair, so know that for when you get a cute new black lab in the future. :)

  3. That looks like a killer vacuum!! Following both blogs now!