Saturday, March 17, 2012


From the end of February through mid-March, Houston is buzzing about the Houston Rodeo.  I had heard about it before, but never realized what a big deal it is here.  Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is centered on the rodeo.  It's on the news, talked about at school, on the radio, at church, and there are even special "Rodeo" sales on certain food items at the grocery store.  

Now, you might be thinking like I was when I first heard about this whole rodeo thing... A bunch of horses and cows running around in a big arena.  No siree! There is a huge carnival that goes on the entire time the rodeo is here, there is a rodeo every night, followed by a concert.  It's HUGE.  Anthony and I were super lucky and got to go twice this year!  (He went three times...but that's besides the point!)  

The first time we went we saw Lady Antebellum (and I have no pictures..sorry!) and the second time we saw The Band Perry.  I only knew the big songs from both artists, but their performances were AWESOME!  Here's a peak at our night!

I didn't think to take pictures of the actual rodeo...but here is when they put up the stage in the middle of the arena~

Is it sad that this is the most "western" gear that we have?

Almost ready! ...The stage rotates so everyone can see, but our seats were right in the *original* middle. :)

 So fun!

I've Dad has been working on some fun new furniture for our house!  Pictures coming soon! 

Love, Sara :)

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    I love the western gear! (:

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