Monday, April 9, 2012

Welcome Home!

Anthony and I's little family is adding a puppy!!!!

Meet our new puppy, Reese!! (or as my co-worker likes to call her, Reese Witherspoon Rhodes)  I'd like to officially go on record, however, that Witherspoon is NOT her middle name. :)

We picked up Reese on Easter....she was TERRIFIED!!  She wouldn't lay down until we were practically home, and her little heart was about to beat right out of her chest!
She even got to stop for gas on the way home...

We explored the house,

checked out her new bed,

and conked out!!  She slept *almost* all night!

I had today off, so I got to spend the whole day at home with her.  We went to the vet, played with our new toy from Aunt Jeni, and even went to the door all by ourselves to go potty!  Score!! 

Since we started dating, I've heard from Anthony how we are NOT letting our dog sleep on the bed like Ellie.  I never opposed, so I assumed that rule started now.  Anthony had to go to work today, but I went to the grocery store before he had started getting ready.  I had been up with Reese, and was putting her back in her crate when I heard... "Can't she just stay in bed with me for a while?"  Classic.

Even though mom stole loved Ellie so much that she couldn't see her move to Houston, I'm so thankful I got to raise and train her when she was a puppy.  It has made the past 24 hours SO much easier.  I forgot, however, how they play non-stop for 10 minutes, then fall over and sleep for an hour.  Soo cute!  

We sure are loving our new little one!! Pray tonight goes as well as last night!! 

Love, Sara :)


  1. in love! she is too cute!

  2. Reese looks just like Bodie did when he was little. I am so happy for you! Have fun with your precious new little one, but don't spoil her too much! Love Granny Nell