Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day and A Reese Update

For Mother's Day this past weekend, we went up to Dallas.  Mom's birthday is the same week as Mother's Day, so it's a double the fun. :)

Not only did we get to see the fam, they got to meet Reese for the first time!!  Everyone came over for dinner on Saturday and brought their dogs as well.  Needless to say, Reese was quite a hit!  The only problem was with my sweet Ellie Mae...she's not really a fan of female dogs, puppies, or anyone trying to take the attention away from her.  No worries, though! She was beginning to come around by the time we left! :) 

Here's our weekend! ...Be prepared...I took A LOT of pictures.  I pretty much just followed Reesers around and snapped shots of her being her adorable self.  Josh was making fun of me and how I will mostly like act when we have human kids.  Scary.

Umm.. how cute is she?!?!

Not such a cute moment... at least she just got the box.

Ellie.  Please note the shock collar for scare tactics... We wanted to make sure Reese's cute little head stayed attached to her body. :)

Friends! Friends! Friends!

NOT how you maintain a friendship, Reese.  I guess I need to give her some more lessons...

Love the ball.  Have someone throw the ball.  Chase after the ball.  Forget to grab the ball because flowers are nearby.  Puppy ADD at its best.

Reese and Grandpa Deets became fast friends.  He was so sweet to her!

Yes, Reese is loved. :)

Mom... the true reason for our celebration!

Yep.  He put up with this ALL weekend.

And this..

And this...

And this!!!

Finally some peace and quiet.

They love catching the ball bouncing off of the roof!

Woah Reese...chasing the wrong black dog there!

Poor Ellie.  She sure had her patience tested!

Getting a little tired.. finally.

With Uncle Josh

And Aunt Jennifer

 Yummy potatoes!  My contribution to our fab dinner.  Recipe coming soon!!

Mom and her presents! And Dad being his cheesy self. :)


Isn't he adorable? :)

Our first new family picture!!!

Hope your Mom's Day weekend was wonderful too!  Our mattress is FINALLY being delivered tomorrow, so new house pictures coming soon!!! 

Love, Sara :)

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