Sunday, June 3, 2012

Reese Goes Swimming!

Yes... this is my third post in a row about little Reese.  And yes... I'm totally okay with that.  What can I say?  I'm one proud mama!!  And yes again... I have not been super on top of updating my blog. (Ahem...Rachel)  Between spending time STILL painting and putting together the house, training my little ball of cuteness, work, and life in general, I plum run out of time and energy.  Not to mention I used all of my free photo space from my blog server... I didn't think I took THAT many pictures!

OK, so now on to my REAL reason for this post.  Last weekend for Memorial Day, my friend Brittany came to visit!  Uncle Don was super nice and let us come use his pool.  He's been telling us to bring Reese to swim for a while, so we finally took him up on it.

We packed her up (with Brittany) and headed over to UD's house {UD...Uncle Don...I figured that was a given, but didn't want to confuse some people...Ahem, Rachel :) }

So Reese was NOT wanting to get in the water...

We tried bribing her... but no go.

We FINALLY got her to get in the water!!

 And she even started jumping in!  Check out that form!

She would only jump in if Anthony was standing right there waiting for her. :)

And look at my little fish!  How cute!

 This was an attempt to get her to jump off of the diving board.  Reesers had a different plan.

Great day. Lots of fun. Tired puppy!

Happy summer!!

Love, Sara :)

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