Thursday, June 28, 2012

Getting Out of the Heat...

About a week after I was done with school for the summer, Anthony and I decided to get out of the Houston heat and go on a little vacation!  So, we picked the coolest, chilliest, spot we could think of... Scottsdale, Arizona!  I know, I know....Houston to Scottsdale.  Not really that much change in heat, but the change in humidity made all the difference.

We spent most of our week relaxing by the pool, doing a little shopping, watching basketball playoffs, seeing a Top Chef cookoff, and hiking.  Yes, hiking.  I quickly realized being a hiker is NOT for me.  This, however, I didn't really consider hiking... more like side of a cliff rock scaling.  I won't be going again anytime soon! The pictures from that little outing are on Anthony's phone, so I'll share the gorgeous views later, but I here are the few I have from my camera!

Top Chef Cookoff!  So much fun!

Judges table!  We got to try the food, but I don't have a picture. :( We did get to meet two of the contestants, though, and get autographs! Even Anthony had fun!


...and dessert! The Sugar Bowl was all sweets and pink EVERYWHERE... my kind of place!

 Anthony's sundae...

and mine!

More summer fun coming soon!!

Love, Sara :)

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