Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Crystal Tree

First and foremost....


Aunt Cheryl has always been the "Christmas Guru."  Her house is always totally decked out with numerous Christmas trees and bobbles throughout the house.  My favorite tree has always been her crystal tree that is set up in their foyer.  It's consists of only her Waterford crystal ornaments and these big green bows that she made.  

This year, I got the EXTREME privilege to decorate the crystal tree!!!  I was absolutely BEYOND excited!  Here's my adventure: 
The empty tree...

Aunt Cheryl putting on ornaments!

Oh how we love Christmas decorating!!

The lights shine through the crystals and look so pretty!

Aunt Cheryl's beautiful bow!
And our finished product!!  See why I love this tree so much?!
Where was Anthony and Uncle Don while we working so diligently on the tree, you ask?  Oh, upstairs playing with....

Uncle Don's train set!

He built the platform specifically for the train, and he made the tunnels completely out of paper mache...

The proud creator! (Don's miss the cute little village he has in the center of the tracks!!)

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!!

Love, Sara :)

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