Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stocking Exchange and More Marshmallows

Being our first Christmas, we decided to start some Christmas traditions of our own.  Since we weren't spending Christmas in Houston, and I didn't want to exchange gifts early, I thought it might be fun to start a tradition of exchanging stockings.  Yes, we still get stockings on actual Christmas from parents, but this stocking is just something we will do at our home with our tree and such. :)

The night before I left town is when we planned on doing our stockings.  That day I got a package in the mail from my friend, Jennifer.  She had read my blog post about my homemade hot chocolate and marshmallow love, and sent me GOURMET MARSHMALLOWS for Christmas!!  I cannot even BEGIN to explain how super excited I was!!


I got our hot chocolate ready while Anthony finished up my stocking.  Please note my favoritest coffee hot chocolate mugs!  Mom and I get matching from Starbucks every year...for, like, almost 10 years...that's A LOT of hot chocolate! :)

Stockings are ready! No chimney? No problem!!  Just lean them against a basket!

We even put on pj's to make it feel "real!"

So excited!

Have to have my picture with my hot chocolate!

Sorry, but after we started opening, I sort of forgot to take pictures. Ooops!!  There's always real Christmas!!

Love, Sara :)

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  1. Hi Sara!! Love your blog, also LOVE LOVE LOVE marshmallows! Great stocking tradition is hard to invent our own traditions when there are so many "homes" to travel to as newlyweds! hope y'all have a very merry Christmas! ps. i think i have enjoyed 2 bags of gingerbread men marshmallows, 1 of vanilla snowmen marshmallows and 1 of red and green Christmas shapes since Thanksgiving! :o)