Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thank You Shirley And My NEW KITCHEN!!!!!

First off, I would like to remind you that my dryer has been in my dining room for about a month now. (See pictures here...)  Last week the repairman people came and hauled it off to fix it.  The absence of the dryer re-energized me to finally move all of the painting/repair/junk from the temporary storage unit dining room to the new temporary storage unit guest room.  

After I moved all of the junk out of there, I desperately needed to mop.  Funny, because I didn't have a mop.  I did some research trying to figure out what kind of mop and moppy stuff I needed for my wood floors...I only wanted to have to buy one cleaner...obviously.  After I researched... I called Mom.  :)  She told me what to buy, I grabbed it without hesitation, and headed home.

Then came the REALLY funny part.  I wish someone had been videotaping me because it would have been a hoot.  I got a self-wringing mop.  (That's what it's called, but let's get this straight...I still did the wringing, but there was a twisty lever to help.)  That thing was next to impossible to figure out!  And I didn't even have a clue on how to fix my moppy water.  Yikes...

I finally got everything ready.  As I started mopping and smelling the soap from the mop water, my mind instantly flashed to Shirley.  (It's the same soap Mom uses...remember?)  

Who's Shirley you ask?  Shirley cleaned my house growing up.  She also cleaned Maggie's house, which means I saw her twice a week...(We were probably all sorts of terrors while she was cleaning...this is my formal public apology, Shirley :) )

The more I mopped, the more thankful I became Shirley and all the mopping she did for me growing up.  After I mopped my self into a corner, I sat down and wrote Shirley a letter just saying hi and thanking her for cleaning our house.  She came to our wedding, so I had her address, I just hope she doesn't think I'm crazy!  I'm a HUGE fan of actual letters (Thanks Grandma!) so is there is anyone you're needing to thank?  Here's your nudge to go do it!!

Ok, now for the house.  I REALLY wanted to do an entire before and after post, but that would be in like 5 years, so I decided to go room by room.  My favorite room?  The kitchen of course!!  I love, love, LOVE how it turned out and haven't even complained about cleaning it!!  Here it goes!!







Does it look familiar?  Oh maybe that's because.... It's inspired by Aunt Cheryl's kitchen!!!! 

...By the way, I'd like to go on record that I do realize it is Uncle Don's kitchen/house as well, but let's face it...Aunt Cheryl designed it all.  Adding 'and Uncle Don' is an extra 13 characters to type...
I plan on sharing my SUPER organized drawers and cabinets soon!!  Have a great week!!

Love, Sara :)

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  1. Hi Sara! We really miss your sweet spirit at Davis! Your kitchen looks fabulous and I'm so happy to see that we have the same owl cookie jar. I received my as a Christmas gift from a friend. Love it!