Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dad Comes For Dinner

We had our first dinner guest last night!  My dad flew through Houston on his jump-seat rides, and stopped in just in time for dinner.  He got in at 4:30, which means I didn't get to the airport until nearly 5. 

 Arriving at the airport!

 There's Dad! He obviously wasn't aware I was documenting out evening...

He got to drive.  I had had enough of Houston traffic.

We got to our apartment about the same time as Anthony.  Dad had to be back at the airport for a 9:00 flight, so we started dinner right away.  What did we make you ask?  PIZZA!!!  I made the dough the night before and set it out to rise when I went to pick up Dad.  It was perfect by the time we got home.  I got the dough recipe from watching Kelsey's Essentials on the Cooking Channel.  My pizza, Caesar Salad Pizza, was from there too, but I figured Dad and Anthony didn't want salad on their pizza, so I let them make their own.  Being that Dad was only there for a short time, I was determined to document the whole evening.  Bear with me...I took a lot of pictures for a small about of time. :)

  The beginning of working the dough.  This is before it got a
little crazy. :)

Check out Dad's toss!

And Anthony's toss.  You can't even see his dough!

They got to share a pan because they had the same toppings.

Spreading on the homemade pizza sauce.

Ready for the oven!

My Caesar Salad Pizza is done!

And a close up. :) Sounds gross, but it was DELICIOUS!

Their pizzas are finished too!

We had extra dough, so I made garlic knots and cinnamon sugar knots from the same place I found the pizza dough recipe.  

Finished knots!  The top are the garlic, and the bottom are the cinnamon sugar.

Finally getting to eat!  And I got to learn how to set the self-timer on my camera. Woohoo!!  The pizzas were AMAZING!!  I had made the knots before, but the dough as actual pizza dough was awesome too.  So fun to make with guests, or by ourselves, and something we will do again soon.  We seriously ate, and then took Dad back to the airport.  He was at our apartment not even 2 hours.  I would definitely say is was a successful trip anyway.  Besides, Dad is always welcome at our home. :)

 Bye!  Come again soon!

Love, Sara :)

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