Sunday, September 18, 2011

World Travelers

In my room in college I had a wall covered with pictures from various places I had been.  I loved being able to look at gorgeous views and historical landmarks and reminisce about my trip there.  The wall quickly became known as my "travel wall" ...creative, I know.  When I was getting ready to move, I talked with Anthony and we decided it would be fun to continue the "travel wall" with pictures we would take in Italy.  The only difference is that we wanted to start collecting paintings from local painters where we traveled and incorporate them in with my photographs.  

While in Italy we bought a gorgeous painting of the Piazza Novona while walking through... you guessed it! the Piazza Novona!  There are all of these adorable little shops and cafe's lining the piazza, and we thought it would be a perfect first painting.  We bought the canvas and thought it would be an inexpensive piece of art and the easiest thing to get it framed back in the states... not so much.  Long story short, but after trying place after place and frame after frame, someone informed us the canvas wasn't an exact size that we use here in the states, so we had to get a custom frame.  Definitely not the most inexpensive route.  All in all, we ended up loving the picture and it looks great on our travel wall!

There are 15 photos in addition to the painting, so I was not sure how to place the pictures and get all of the nails right.  While browsing Pinterest (Pinterest never lets me down!) I found the perfect solution.  You cut paper to be the exact size of the frame you are wanting to hang, put a dot where the nail will need to go, tape the paper up, and put the nail through the paper on the dot you drew.  It's great because you can reposition the "pictures" as much as you want until you decide EXACTLY how you want them.  Here is what mine looked like: 

I was SOOO glad I did it this way because I changed how I wanted the pictures at least five times.  I left the papers up for a few days so I would be sure they were EXACTLY correct.  Here's where Anthony comes in!
This seriously saved us a lot of stress because we would have never agreed on exactly where to put the nails. :)  
 And here's the finished product!!  I am still waiting on dad to search through his computer for certain pictures, so ignore the empty frames.  :)  Other than that, we LOVE it!  It seriously adds so much to our little dining area.  And it's a great way for me to be able to share with Anthony where I've been and for us to remember our trip to Italy.  Now we just need to plan another trip!

P.S. Don't miss my Kindergarten Comments! I just updated them and, can I tell you, Kindergarteners are just the cutest things!!!

Love, Sara :)

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