Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Pre-Fall!

As a Kindergarten teacher, part of my day consists of teaching "calendar time."  We cover anything and everything you could ever want to know about the date, month, season, weather, etc.  Although September never feels like fall in Texas, according to calendar time, it technically "falls" into the fall category. :) In honor of September and fall being just around the corner, I decided our door needed a little makeover.  I searched Pinterest for some inspiration.
My Inspiration! Courtesy of Babe of My Heart
How cute is that?! When Saturday came, I was at Hobby Lobby bright and early to get started.  Now, I'm not really a black and orange Halloween-y colored girl (sorry Pioneers) and I really wanted something I could keep up through Thanksgiving, so I changed the color scheme.

After I gathered my supplies, I began tracing circles.  I used different sizes of measuring cups to get the different sized circles.

I traced and traced and traced, then cut and cut and cut, and finally was ready to assemble my layers.  I picked three different circles, made all sorts of combinations, and secured them with a straight pin.  This was easily my favorite part.  I know it sounds nerdy, but I loved playing with the different patterns and colors! I kept calculating how many different combinations I could that embarrassing to admit?
After all my circles were pinned, I put a TON of hot glue on the back of the straight pin, and stuck it in my wreath.  The actual wreath made an absolute MESS.  Check out all the little pieces of wreath that Anthony was so sweet to vacuum up for me. :)

I added a bow and a cute little "happy fall" sign, and it was ready for the door!  

It's crazy how much more homey it feels with just a wreath.  I definitely enjoy coming home and unlocking the door much more now! Anthony obviously really likes it too. :) Happy pre-fall everyone!!!

Love, Sara :)

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