Monday, September 26, 2011

F is for Fall, Fresh Herbs, and Football

I know I'm a few days late, but fall is officially here!  Nevermind that it doesn't feel anything like fall, but I have hope that it's on the way.  Our first weekend of fall was filled with... you guessed it!  Football!  Now, like I've said before, I can watch football, but only if it's a team I like or care about, and most of the time I can't just sit and watch.  On Saturday, the Aggies and Arkansas played at the same time, so I obviously lost, and the Razorbacks were on the big TV.  Here's a little insight into my afternoon: First Anthony jumps up yelling with excitement and sheer joy at some "amazing play."  Then, he throws his hat on the floor and stomps around a little when there is a flag thrown and a penalty called on Arkansas.  After the replay, he sits back down calmly telling no one in particular that he understands and it was a good call by the ref.  All of this occurred in about 30 seconds... and he calls me moody. :)

While all of this was going on, I decided it would be a perfect time to put together my fresh herb plants! I LOVE cooking with fresh herbs, and I HATE buying them at the grocery store because A. They are expensive, and B. They go bad so quickly.  I bought these cute blue pots on sale at Michael's back in May for like $3 with the intention of planting my own herbs.  I have been wanting to paint chalkboard labels on them because when I grew herbs back in Dallas, I always forgot which were which. Here is what I did:
 Cute blue pots!

Cut paper the size of the area I wanted to paint.

Traced the paper onto the pots.

Taped newspaper around tracing.

Spray painted with chalkboard paint.

Took off all the newspaper.  Almost there!!

Planted plants and wrote labels. 

How cute are those?! I know, I know, the rosemary needs a little water. :) And I couldn't find cilantro that was already grown, so I had to plant seeds.  Now I just have to remember to water them!!  My craft for the day definitely helped during football madness, and eased the pain of both the Aggies AND the Razorbacks losing.  Tune in next Saturday because I'm sure A&M vs. Arkansas will make for some interesting stories!!

Love, Sara :)

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