Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hello Mrs. Langford!

Last weekend I went back to Dallas for my friend, Holly's, wedding.  I was super exciting about her wedding and getting a chance to spend a few days in Dallas.  Holly's wedding was BEAUTIFUL.  Here is a peek at my weekend!
 Reunited at Rehearsal Dinner!

 The beautiful bride herself...doesn't she look excited?

 Their wedding is coming up!!

 Friends since 7th grade...we once convinced her cousins we were twins, then she got too tall. :)

She wasn't too excited about the mustache, but Raymond thinks this will definitely make the Christmas card cut.

 Our side of the table.

 He couldn't make it to the dinner, but we thought of him anyway!

 The big day is here!  Ready to be Mrs. Langford!

Wouldn't this look nice in my future house?

 Beautiful reception!  I felt artistic with this picture because I got all the other arrangements in the back, but it was only an accident. :)

 That's me!

 So cute! But I don't recall them ever sitting there...

 With the bride!!

 All comfort foods..genius idea.

 Bouquet toss?  Not for me, thanks! :)

 Ya... she grew tall and I stayed short.

 All the Chi-O's!

 Off to Hawaii!  Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Langford!!

Until next time..

Love, Sara :)

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