Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkins: Part Two

A few weeks ago Anthony and I went to a pumpkin carving party.  We got our pumpkin, I baked my favorite Funfetti bars, and headed over to the party.  Here's a sneak peak into our weekend. :)

 Funfetti Bars are ready for the party!  I was super sad I couldn't find Halloween sprinkle to put in them though... :(

How cute is this?!! I totally wish I could claim this as mine...

 Can't claim this one either. :(

Steph with her pumpkin oatmeal cookies!  So good!!

 Anthony starting to carve our pumpkin.

 Digging out the grossness...

Who wants a stencil? Not us! I'll draw one, thank you! :)

I decided to shade in what he needed to cut...just so he didn't get confused.

Carving our owl!!

 And our finished product!!!

Glowing pumpkins are so fun!

Steph and me with our completed products!

Since the carving party I have seen some pretty cute owl pumpkins. (Ahem...My fellow Davis Chi-O!!)  I will definitely be trying a different owl approach next year.  Not to mention, the cinnamon I put inside our pumpkin to keep it from rotting as quickly (trick from another of my favorite Davis teachers!) did work in extending the life of our owl-pumpkin, but our poor pumpkin still didn't make it until Halloween.  Good thing I made my flower arrangement from a fake one!!

Love, Sara :)

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  1. Just read this! You are too cute! Glad you liked my owl pumpkin! =) Yours is great as well!!