Saturday, October 1, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

 Last week a friend from school invited Anthony and me to go to the Astros game with her and her husband.  It just so happened that they were playing the Cardinals - Anthony's all-time-favorite team.  After initially talking to he,r I figured I should double check with Anthony to see if he wanted to go so I sent him a text.  If there is a record for text responses, I think Anthony now has the title.  He responded faster than I can even describe.  I don't even know how he had time to read what I sent him.  Anyway, we ended up going to the game last Tuesday.  Here is a little overview of our trip - (please excuse the blurriness of my pictures :)  I didn't want to lug my big camera around with me!!)
 We sat right by third base, so we got to watch the Cardinals stretch.  They look kinda funny when they stretch. :)
 More stretching!
 I was informed that this is a player I need to get pictures of.
And here he is batting! Although I don't think he actually hit it in this picture...
 That's us!
 Never knew we had a family member on the team!  Good thing I took this picture when I did because he didn't stay in the game very long.
Final Score: Astros-6, Cardinals-13  Woohoo!!!!

The Cardinals were losing the first couple of innings, making it really un-fun to sit by Anthony.  I'm super glad they came back and won, or else I would have had to deal with one upset hubby!  That's it for now!

Love, Sara :)

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